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Numbers: BE-V6
name: Heat BE-V6
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barbecue, steamed, cooked stewed, baked (roasted cob, chicken wings, chicken leg, ribs, Cyprus, sweet potato; Steamed bread, FBS; Rice, fish; Maybe, bake crust, cake, pizza and other food heating and thawing function)
Auxiliary functions: disinfections, drying, thawed and exclusive boomers
Health function:
no smoke, no radiation, reducing fat, nutrient –
Reducing fat: The heat wave penetration to bring food in boiling fat, fat excluded forced to lipid-lowering effect

The Chinese terminal price:RMB 1680
The German terminal price:
DEM 388

Technology parameter:
Rating voltage: 220V
Rating frequency: 50HZ
Rating power: 800W
Volume: 4liliter
Temperature: 100℃ -- 260℃


Structural features:
√ high-precision temperature control of 0 to 260 degrees, the temperature arbitrary regulation.
√ chamberlain precision timers, manipulation of food production time.
Lid lift straight √ unique integration of design, style show personality.
√ microcrystalline heat wave tube, efficient heat wave ring, Super infiltration.
√ roof ventilation fan-shaped window radiation, rapid dissemination of surplus heat, upgrading machinery for working ability.
√ touch-point safety switch designed to ensure the safe use.
√ all transparent glass cover, perspective of the whole process;
√ imports of stainless steel pots are used, high durability, and ensure pot temperature constant.
√ machines using high-quality plastic shell, heat resistant, anti-aging.
√ 4:00 at the bottom of the sucker to ensure stability machines.

One will be stainless steel pot with a good body and the level at the base, to be processed foods on the stainless steel cooking pot or baking shelves, will head straight lift furnace in stainless steel pot
Possession. (Reference to the product's instruction)
2, select the correct power outlet.
3, the power to spin the switch ON, state work into question.
4, according to the timer and temperature control knob raised to the appropriate location for the machine to work. (Reference to the product's instruction)
5, the glass cover on the situation of food production, they can always open a furnace head, point-touch automatic safety switch to cut off power to stop working machines; A stove left on the machine and
The original settings will be restored to working condition.
6, the time when the timer knobs set naturalization 0, machines stop working completely.
7, left open a furnace used for food BSII folder to remove food from the pot.

The operation of cleaning
⑴the clean product component must pull off the power source attachment plug first dumping in the front, the rear cooling down after the product is complete is in progress.
⑵the surface of stoves is cleaned with soft cloth rub wipe away, no available water washes directly.
⑶clean the container,bracket,warm water of accessory available and Xian Jie are on the march accurate, but forbidden in high temperature time.
⑷to avoid the Rebo stove undergoing comparatively heavy impact and tunk when use the stove, prevent a component from being derided.
⑸cooking end, pulls off the power source attachment plug, use in time after the stove head cools down soft cloth rub wipe away the clean stove calvarias-crania edge and protective casing, should never a protective casing be opened at will. there is different sound in the head of the stoven after inserting the power source or hand touches if discovering a stove to have bigger oscillation feeling occasionally, should dump to invite the special field personage in time being in progress being maintained.

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