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Numbers: BE-V9
name: slow cookerBE-V9
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Function: hot fish、stew fish、stew pork、cook、 boiler soup 、Steaming is stir-fried stewing to cook all all-round The functional introductions: The product cooks gruel now that the boiler soup, Is also not bad; 4 hours of boiler soup, dehydration rate only have 3%; 3 hours of job, power consumption are less than 1 degree of electricity; Volume is small, capacities are big, 3.0 rises; Structure moves compact, convenient;

The Chinese terminal price:RMB 1490
The German terminal price:DEM 420

Plate does the plate generating heat, the body heats;
Entire transparent Bogai, perspective entire proceed;
Double protection, the automation constant temperature, energy conservation;
The high-grade stainless steel container, may do other use.

Technology parameter: Rated Voltage: 220V-rated power: 600W Rated frequency: 50Hz Volume: 3L Net Weight: 2.5kg


Structural features:
√ straight lift from solid-Jarhead handle, easy to open Jarhead, or
√ all transparent glass cover, the entire process of Perspective
√ imports of stainless steel pots are used, the end of the three-tier review to ensure temperature uniformity bottom pot, heat faster
√ Super Saucer Fever set, stereo heating
√ adjustable heat knob, three stalls designed to achieve energy saving
√ machines using high-quality plastic shell, heat resistant anti-aging
√ radial cooling fan base to enhance capacity for work

This machine advantages:
This machine can boil, steam, but also You dun speculation, Simon water loss rate low power consumption less than an hour of electricity, small volume, large capacity, 18,765, compact structure, convenient mobile.
With the traditional method and compared Simon :
Traditional Christmas high rate of water loss, boiling steam leak easier, larger, mobile inconvenient, sand holes, unsanitary Ferguson

Add to the food clean stainless steel pot, adding suitable water (or recommend the use of warm water, can be used to shorten the time)
1) Choose safe power outlet, plug in the power plug.
2) turning to burn more functional knobs
3) to set the fast burning, or slow cooker and stir function can be.
4) The machine can be produced with the needs of food stalls arbitrary switching (except when it steamed rice)
Note: steamed rice should be transferred to the first function knob fast burning locate and turn over to burn temperature control knob switch, eliminate the green light when the rice cooked.

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