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Numbers: BE-V10
name: Fry pan BE-V10
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Function:Fruits and Vegetables category, seafood, rice and other food categories cleaning the automatic cleaning Sterilization degradation of pesticide residues and other preservation. (Also can be used as a kind of family tableware washing bactericidal effect

Chinese terminal price:RMB 1420
The German terminal price:EUR 328

The name of the product parts: please look at the direction in detail.
Technology parameter:
1、Rated voltage:200V
2、Rated power:600W
3、Rated frequency:50HzThe

6 、Specs:295X240X185mm
7、Implementation of the standards:GB4706.1-1998 , GB4706.19-2004

1、 structural features :
1)unique patent-vessel function handle, and handle easy pot cover opening and closing;
2.)All transparent glass pot cover, the entire process Perspective.
3)The first pot cover design, ease of use sheen.
4)Pan imported steel body ,the end of the three-tier minute bottom of the pot to ensure uniform temperature, the faster heat.
5)Super heat plates ,three-dimensional heating.
6)Adjustable button-stall desgn,energy-efficient and when
7)Shell used imported machinery works ABS resin material, heat-resistance,anti-aging,impact resistance.
8)Bottom radial cooling fan to enhance capacity for work.

2、 Operation Step
1)When the pot cover, view pans need to clean deck and ensure that the pot bottom of the pot dry ,will be a smooth pan placed butterfly heat plate, according to their own need to be prepared to cooking materials.
2)Pictured right n note by (picture shows a )choose the correct power outlet.
3)Switching power supply to the ON position connected to the power supply.
4)rotating heat cooking needs adjustment knob. raised the temperature of heat.
5)Finished cooking, power must be transferred home master switch OFF position, pictured right attention to the matter in accordance with (icon 6) remove the correct way to plug.

Feimier Fry pan function and food making method
1 Men din cutlet and noodle
dumplings-(250g),Add water and become very soft dough(viscosity is :a little close, the kind of hands degree ), the more soft dough. done,t he more delicious. Add put dough containers, cast surface oil the refrigerator within 20 minutes cautioned.(Anoint is to prevent dry wrapper) cloaked in the wake of efforts on the surface can be prepared the stuffing.
2 making stuffing:
1) option 2fertilizer 8 thin beef. Add:
⑴soy sauce(palette increase flavor)
⑵Szechwan aniseed water (with prickly ash and aniseed water soaking into+
⑶1 egg (based on the number of filling up )2.Add to the above three-seasoning the meat chopsticks Stir in one direction—to fight tape. Among other jobs, and to fight for 10 minutes. Filled will become fresh and spirit come out ,3,keeping the tape followed Add: salt, sugar, chicken essence, cooking wine(the pork),sesame oil. Attention went to the final world, it will change the old filling, the tender. Continue to fight tape. 4 Add the flavoring of the integration, then add chopped ginger and Chenango abuse. Continue to fight tape.


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