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Numbers: BE-V12
name: Fry pan BE-V12
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boiled,steamed,fried,cooked,stewed, fried speculation, everything Almighty
tips: Because the“Bsii”Berlin stainless steel steamer tray is not free gift,we suggest that you can choose this one separately,If you choose the pan and steamer tray together,they will make your cook more colorful and convenient.

The Chinese terminal price:RMB 1390
The German terminal price:EUR 322

Technical Parameter: Executive Standards GB9684-1988 Size: Φ28X9cm Volume:3L


The name of the parts: please look at the direction in detail.
Structural characteristics:

1, International standards
18 / 8 stainless steel materials, aluminum pots are using three steel forging shape, thickness superpower, the use of a 15-year period.
2, Effective locked heat
Unique rhombus shaped design, the maximum heat locked and then spread evenly in bottom pot, no local high temperature heat evenly. In the cooking process, maintaining
3,Cracking and volatile oils in the critical temperature, ensure cooking food more healthy.
4, unique stainless steel clad bottom, widely applicable gas, ceramic stoves, halogen stoves, and electric furnace, Cooker.

The functions explanations:

1, nutrition and stir
More Meena 2 steel, aluminum unique three-tiered steel forging, super thickness, temperature always maintained in the volatile oils cracking and the critical point below that of vegetables
Fresh crisp, reduce wastage nutritional ingredients.

2, Paste not stick
Pan surface of ultrafine thread with "ease-of-cushion", the pan body of physical difficult Nien, in the uncoated pan, eliminate chemical coating
The hazards to human

3, oil and energy saving
Balanced heat transfer coefficient, excellent temperature control effect, edible oil and other energy saving
4, environmental protection and health
Kitchen and not pollute the environment, green, not paste food is not Coke, original dishes Zi original flavor, and does not destroy nutrients, and let the whole family to enjoy a delicious healthy living.
Standard Manufacturing
Stainless steel Jarhead
Stainless steel Jarhead, anti-spill design, users feel protected.
Humanization of the handle
Stainless steel handle, the handle, fine luxury of age, such as skin bring comfortable feel like, feeling the joy of cooking.

The method of maintenance:
1 fire controlling
the rate of conducting heat is 4 times than other pans, when you fry, stew, sauté, the fire should be kept in small or middle one,
2 the use of the oil
The oil is less than 30% than use other pans, so you should reduce the oil 1/3 than usual, in order to prevent the food more oil.
3 hot pan heats the oil
You can heat the pan before you pour some oil, when you pour the oil, the time which you heat oil is little, that is the best way to cook food.
4 the right cleaning
when you first use the new pan, you should pour little sugar in the pan and heat, after several minutes, you can pour it, every time you should clean the pan with soft close or sponge.

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