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Numbers: BE-V15
name: Fry pan BE-V15
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Function: stewed meat, making fish, Soup, Beef, cooking (steamed, speculation, defense, You dun, burning), everything Almighty
The Chinese terminal price:RMB 1590
The German terminal price:EUR 368

Technology parameter:
Rated Voltage:220V ~ Rated power:1000W;
Rated frequency:50Hz Volume:2.6L
Net Weight:2.5kg Size:295x240x185mm;Execultive Standards:GB4706.1-1998 GB4706.19-2004

The name of the product parts: please look at the directions in detail.

Structural features:
√Mini-computer system can be touched, working accurately.
√ unique patent, circular functional handle, easy to open Jarhead, or
√ all transparent glass cover, the entire process of Perspective
√ imports of stainless steel pots are used, the end of the three-tier review to ensure temperature uniformity bottom pot, heat faster
√ Super Saucer Fever set, stereo heating
√ adjustable heat knob, three stalls designed to achieve energy saving
√ machines using high-quality plastic shell, heat resistant anti-aging
√ radial cooling fan base to enhance capacity for work

Operation steps:
1 open the cover, look at the pan which is needed to be cleaned or not, ensure the body and bottom to be dry, and then put it on the dish-shaped, heating plate smoothly, you can prepare the food according to yourself.
2 choose the right power switch.
3 put down the power switch, an turn on the power
4 to operate the machine through the controlling-board, according to the cook what is needed
5 finish the cook; you must turn off the power, and pluck off the switch using the right method.

Note: steaming rice should be transferred to the first functional knob fast burning locate and turn over to burn temperature control knob switch, eliminate the green light when the rice cooked.

The site directions of the controlling
1 press the button of the power after the electric is working, the time-display will show 0:00,when the machine is on standby or in the condition of“End”, you press again ,then it would be cut off.
2 after you start it,, press the button, and the corresponding light will light up, the time-display will show 0:00,at this time press the button “+”or“-” ,you can change the time. In a short time you press “+”or“-”,means increase progressively or decrease progressively 1 minute. In a long time you press “+”or“-”,it will show every 2 minutes continuously, when you press the key ,the display is not fulgurous, but the number is changing, when you site the time well, press the key again, the machines begins to work. If the display shows the“Countdown”,and you do nothing in 5 seconds, the it will change into the condition of on“standby”,the time can change the range, “stew/casserole/cook”function 4 hours, “boil/steam/instant boil”function 60 minutes, you can use the same method to site the time again when is at work.
3 power: “stew/casserole/cook”half power, “boil/steam/instant boil”complete power.
4 if you want to look at the time, press the working-key, the time will show on the time-display, if you do not operate in 5 seconds, it will show the time-display again.
5 the“Countdown”is with “1 minute”as a unit, the screen“:” shines.
6 you press the key once, it will make a sound “B”, finish the work it will make 3 sounds “B、B、B”, the functional light is off, the screen shows “End”, means “Over”, press the power switch ,it will cut off, If you want to continue, do the operation again.

Use it to make some food:

1 Men din cutlet and noodle
dumplings-(250g),Add water and become very soft dough(viscosity is :a little close, the kind of hands degree ), the more soft dough. done,t he more delicious. Add put dough containers, cast surface oil the refrigerator within 20 minutes cautioned.(Anoint is to prevent dry wrapper) cloaked in the wake of efforts on the surface can be prepared the stuffing.
2 making stuffing:
1) option 2fertilizer 8 thin beef. Add:
⑴soy sauce(palette increase flavor)
⑵Szechwan aniseed water (with prickly ash and aniseed water soaking into+
⑶1 egg (based on the number of filling up )2.Add to the above three-seasoning the meat chopsticks Stir in one direction—to fight tape. Among other jobs, and to fight for 10 minutes. Filled will become fresh and spirit come out ,3,keeping the tape followed Add: salt, sugar, chicken essence, cooking wine(the pork),sesame oil. Attention went to the final world, it will change the old filling, the tender. Continue to fight tape. 4 Add the flavoring of the integration, then add chopped ginger and Chenango abuse. Continue to fight tape.

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