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Numbers: BE-V66
name: Fruits and Jia JieBE-V66
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Type: BE-V66
self-cleaning;destroying harmful microorganisms,
such as:fruits、vegetables、meats、seafood、rice and other food that can be cleaned, and biodegrading farm chemicals that are left in products, keep the food fresh etc.(also can be used to clean and do the dishes in our family)
The Chinese terminal price:RMB 2280
The German terminal price:EUR 264
Part Name: Please see the instruction manual

1.Structure characteristics:

mini- computer system can be touched, working accurately.
The locker is particular、safe and airproof ,assure the water inside the cleaner couldn’t splash
In the top we have fan shaped、 radial and ventilated small window, could quickly let the heat energy out
The design of the switch is special according to the customers `feelings
We invent a small entry which you can add the food casually when the cleaner is at work, also you can add the detergent through the entry to help clean
The bucket is made from glassy plastics, so you can see the whole course which the food is cleaned with joy
In order to clean handily, we make the main engine and washing bucket separate
The outer of the cleaner is made from plastics which are good quality, healthy and resist grow older, they are all good for the environmental protection.
Annular、white crystal high density aeration stone, assure that the ozone can be released well, the cleaning work is perfect

2. Function characteristics

Safe cleaning :
multiplicate safe lock set, the power switch、function start 、and safe switch, they join in together to work
The ozone can destroy harmful microorganisms:
we set the special function to destroy harmful microorganisms on the surface of the food, assure clean the food fast and healthily (the ozone which is produced by the “Bsii” Fruits and vegetables cleaner, use his own oxidation, react on the lipid double bond of the germs’ cell wall , enter inside of the microorganisms, work with the lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, change the permeability of the cell, destroy the elements of the germ、virus and other microorganisms, cause that the virus dissolve and die, at last destroy harmful microorganisms efficiently
Biodegrade the agricultural chemical:
the ozone which produced by the cleaner will dissolve in water ,and produce the oxygen and atoms, easily react on the kinds of “rings” and “carbon chain” of the farm chemical left、hormones, etc. Make it lose toxicity and become innocuous, at last biodegrade the farm chemical efficiently
Keep the food fresh:
the ozone which produced by the “Bsii” fruits and vegetables cleaner, will destroy harmful microorganisms on the seafood、meat、fruits、vegetables and other food, so it keeps fresh and stoves for a long life

3.Operation sequence:

1 put the cleaner on a table, and the table is balanced and fixed
2 open the safe-locker in the left and right side according to the picture of directions, and then turn on the cover.
3 put the food needed to be cleaned in the clean bucket (the big vegetable leaves should be divided, if there were more mud, you should shake it off before you put them in), and the highest level with the food could not over the highest level of the bucket.
4 pour the clean water, and don’t over the highest water level of the bucket.
5 cover it, and make the locker lock well in the left and right side
6 please choose the right socket.
7 fix the cleaning time according to the food, which needed to be cleaned.
8 turn on the power master switch, start the machine according to the directions of the control plane site, when it is working, you can add the food into the cleaning bucket according to the food more or less, without turning off the cleaner.
9 when the work is over, please turn off the switch, and the light went out.
10 turn on the safe-locker, open the cover.
11 take the food or vegetables out.
12 pour the dirty water of the bucket carefully, and wipe it dry.

4.The guides of the ozone in our daily life (several tips)

1 Biodegrade the agricultural chemical left of the fruits and vegetables
2 Resolve the hormones and antibiotics left of the poultry、meat and seafood
3 The water processed by the ozone can scald many necessities for daily life, such as: toothbrush、towel、feeding bottle、nipple、bowl、chopsticks
4 It can be used for fresh water aquiculture, to eliminate the smell of an earthy
5 The water processed by the ozone can clean and boil rice, to resolve the adjuncts
6 The ozone can process the pork; can resolve the smell of the meat
7 The fruits and vegetables can be processed by it , and keep them fresh for a long time
8 It can be used for the wardrobe to avoid become moldy, and for icebox to loose his smell
9 It can be used to wash your face, and it is good for your skin
10 You can put it in one room without anyone, it becomes the air fresh
1minute is OK
11 The water produced by the ozone 5-10minutes, to become the natural disinfectant, you can use it to clean the furniture and floor.
12 We can use it to clean the water, chlor left and harmful things, retain others, produce safe and clean water which is full of oxygen
13 To destroy the germs, you can use it to rinse the mouth and brush your teeth, it will help you to protect your teeth and lose your bad breath
14 The ozone is good for some skin problems, you can often use it to wash and steep your feet, and to prevent the beriberi and the athlete`s foot
15 It can be used to resolve the harmful smells in the new house(toluene、formaldehyde,etc)

5.Technique parameter

1 Rated voltage: 220V
2 Rated power: 5W
3 Rated frequency: 50HZ
4 Rated time: 0~30 minutes
5 Volume: 3.5L
6 Net weight: 4.0Kg
7 Side: 295X240X220mm
8 Executor standard: GB4706.1-2

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