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Numbers: BE-V2020
name: BOVOEE BE-V2020
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Function: massage, surfing, heating, Oxygen. (Multiple functions of the foot to generate sufficient regular physical stimulation to achieve Huoxuetongluo, fill fine Qi, relieve fatigue, the role of physical and mental adjustment. And to regulate bodily functions to the best.)

China Terminal Guidance Price: RMB (RMB) 789
Terminal guidance of the German District Price: EUR(欧元)182

Structural characteristics

1, integrated multifunction folding base design, abandon the traditional cumbersome rigid parts assembly, Li is pure style.
2, plant water depth of 100 test true, the scientific determination of the proportion of size, depth up to 20cm, heated spa available to 6cm above the ankle, a wonderful expression of feeling thinking professional washes.
3, constant temperature heating system innovation, to promote faster heat, do not wait long, distinguished pro-Gu feeling used, water and electric multi-layer structure to prevent leakage risks.
4, deep micro-vibration massage function, with the biological rhythm, rhyme experience through comfortable.
5, matching the movement system, excellent quality, all undergo rigorous testing, easy to enjoy high-intensity cycle work to ensure worry-free use.
6, surfing bubble spa combination of easy to force the release of feelings of fatigue.
7, light easy to provide the design, reduce the pour and clean trouble.
1, the plug in the 220V power outlet, the time machine to power on standby.
2, massage, surf function, twist function keys 2 to 2 lattice, massage, surf lights brighten, then began to massage surfing machine work, rotating function key 2 to the first cell, will stop the massage, surfing work. (And other functions can be switched)
3, heating twist function key 2 to 3 cells, heat lamps light up, then begin heating the machine work, rotating function key 2 to the first cell, work will stop heating. (And other functions can be switched)
4, Oxygen twist function keys 2 to 4 cell, Oxygen lights brighten, then begin heating the machine work, rotating function key 2 to the first cell, Oxygen will stop working. (And other functions can be switched)
5, after use, press the Close button to stop working, unplug it.

Technical parameters
1. Rated voltage: 220V ~ 2. Rated frequency: 50Hz 3. Rated power: 520W 4. Rated time: 30min 5. Size: 440x380x240mm 6. Executive Standard: GB4706.1-1998.10-2003 7. Safe design:

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