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Numbers: BE-V2015
name: BOVOEE BE-V2015
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Function: press, kneading, pinching, squeezing infrared therapy, many feel the whole-hearted experience (massage cervical spine, gently massage the back, kneading arm, touch pinched waist, abdomen, kneading the buttocks, thigh, calf compression, foot massage , infrared temperature physiotherapy).

BOVOEE Shu-body aircraft according to the different individual physical and mental habits, ad hoc positive and negative direction adjustable Anrou practices, and may need to be adjusted according to their settings, to meet the needs of a variety of uses, vitality lies in sports, science and health massage way to help your health.

   When your body is in a high state of fatigue, massage can play Shujinhuoxue reasonable, relieve fatigue, the role of physical and mental conditioning, and can adjust to the best state of bodily functions. Science and health is a regular massage, stress rationality, should develop a tired, massage, massage, and readily break the habit of massage, each time using BOVOEE Anrou machine should be (10-20) minutes is appropriate, the accumulation time is the health of the cumulative, BOVOEE Shu body aircraft to facilitate science has been more loved.

China Terminal Guidance Price: RMB (RMB) 836
Terminal guidance of the German District Price: EUR(欧元) 194

Structural features:

√ selection of quality leather and breathable materials, anti-wear, soft and comfortable, beautiful and excellent wear resistance.
√ Anrou multi-point precision, the scientific determination of size ratio, the expression of professional Anrou wonderful feeling thinking.
√ positive and negative two-way switch, sensitive control of the machine operating mode, use the pro-Gu feel respected.
√ two-group machine core transmission system, has been re-tested after 10 000, to ensure low noise and stable performance.
√ match the high quality fine motor, all undergo rigorous testing, high-intensity cycle work easier to bear, to ensure the use of worry.
√ ad hoc infrared physical therapy function, easy to force the release of feelings of fatigue. 

  Part Name: Please see the product manual

1, the plug in the 220V outlet, the time the machine has power, standby.
2, Shu-body aircraft to promote BOVOEE start switch to Positive stalls on both sides of Anrou hand work will find instructions to do is follow the direction of rotation, for Anrou work.
3, to promote the BOVOEE Shu body machine start switch to Reverse stalls on both sides of Anrou hand, will follow the opposite direction to find instructions to do rotation, for Anrou work.
4, disconnect the power plug, cut off power supply.
5, BOVOEE Shu ad hoc independent body infrared therapy machine functions can be controlled separately working hours may start at any time, to Shujinhuoxue to ease the effect of fatigue. In Infrare control control area will be pushed to the ON switch is working, push to the OFF shutdown. 
4, BOVOEE Anrou machine function and use 1, neck massage
Shu-body aircraft will be upgraded to BOVOEE cervical site massage, BOVOEE two-way hand massage site with cervical contact, gentle and effective efforts to release the cervical pressure, and conditioned by their own normal feelings, driven to sit, stand, correct posture, muscle rigidity Shu Tong and fatigue sensation, relieve pain and prevent cervical spine.
2, slightly back
Shu-body aircraft will be upgraded to BOVOEE back to gentle rolling massage, BOVOEE hand massage with two-way contact with one step back, gentle strength and the default (speed) X (massage) the perfect combination, "wave" Anrou approach embodied "massage" like the professional feel, ease stiff muscles, relieve back pain.
3, kneading his shoulders, arms
Will BOVOEE Shu body parts for machines up to the shoulder kneading massage, when the body is a high degree of fatigue state, BOVOEE balanced two-way hand-kneading massage intensity can reach Shujinhuoxue, regulating body and mind, to help quickly relieve fatigue.
4, touch pinched waist, abdomen 
    BOVOEE Shu body machine placed in the waist, abdomen massage location contact pinching, BOVOEE two-way massage hands touch the waist or abdomen. There are a number of visceral reflex waist region, critical parts of the body, touch the waist kneading massage with replenishing the Wei Qi, regulate qi and blood, strong waist and knee, relieve back pain, kidney, sciatica, the effect of lumbar muscle strain, abdominal massage can reduce the fat, promote gastrointestinal digestion.
5, kneading the buttocks, thighs
BOVOEE Shu body machine placed in the buttocks, thighs location for kneading, massage, BOVOEE two-way hand-kneading massage hips, buttocks muscles for movement, Lee lumbar and leg, flow of qi and kneading thigh can promote blood circulation, eliminate pain and leg numbness effectively alleviate fatigue, and the local consumption of fat by exercise, to Nice Bottom, Long Legs slimming purposes.
6, extrusion leg, foot
BOVOEE Shu body extrusion machine placed in leg position massage, BOVOEE two-way squeeze calf muscle massage hands, squeeze the intensity balance, spread, and accelerate blood circulation, relieve soreness sensation, and through muscle movement, excessive consumption of fat little legs to reach Legs end, the foot massage place in BOVOEE two-way between hand position, feet can be squeezed on both sides, to squeeze massage to relieve the active, blood circulation, effectively relieve fatigue.
7, bottom foot massage
BOVOEE Shu body machine placed in the foot position, the foot massage place in BOVOEE two-way hands, to foot massage, foot reflex zone is 人体各器官, BOVOEE foot massage hands can be full access to carry out comprehensive massage, to promote systemic blood circulation and body metabolism and help each organ to enhance the body immunity and resistance to accelerate tissue regeneration and relieve physical and mental fatigue, to ensure health. 

  Technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage: 220V ~
2. Rated frequency: 50HZ
3. Rated power: 20W
4. Rated time: 15min
5. Size: 400x380x100mm
6. Executive Standard: GB4706.1-1998

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