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Numbers: BE-V2022
name: BOVOEE BE-V2022
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China Terminal Guidance Price: RMB (yuan) 1590

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The benefits of foot massage

1. Adjustment of biological information, to change the function of related systems, biological information on the disorder to be adjusted 
 To achieve the adjustment of the abnormal organs.
2. Regulate qi and blood, promote circulation, enhance immunity, prevent disease: 
Foot massage can promote the health of blood, nerve channels and smooth, enhance blood circulation, to maintain or restore the body's various 
  The links between physiological systems, blood circulation, promote injury repair.
3. Pain, calm the nerves: 
  Foot massage flow of qi and blood transfer through the meridians, nerve, body fluid regulation system, to mobilize the body's resistance to pain, function, 
  Increase pain threshold, to the role of pain.
4. To change their constitution: 
  The implementation of the overall treatment of foot massage can improve digestion and absorption, enhance metabolic body get rid of toxins, activated fine 
  Enhance cellular immunity, eliminate pain, enhance physical fitness.
5. Skincare: 
  Foot massage the blood circulation, blood flow, oxygen consumption increased, the promotion of organ and tissue metabolism and activity, Pai 
  In addition to the body of waste toxins, activate cells, increase endurance, help digestion, increase absorptive capacity. Damaged cells to accelerate 
  Of repair, to beautify the skin effect.

Effectiveness of the product

1. Can relax the leg and foot muscles.
2. Can stimulate acupuncture points, to eliminate fatigue.
3. Can promote blood circulation.
4. Can relax frayed nerves and ease the pressure.
5. Can eliminate leg pain.
6. Reshape legs curve.
7. Wireless remote control function, easy operation design.
8. Foot special infrared heating design can achieve the effect of secondary hyperthermia.
9. The perfect massage system can reshape your legs curve.
10. Function panel makes it easy, convenient way choose the right massage.
11. Cycle control function automatically stops after 15 minutes.
12. Removable foot cover can be easily removed for cleaning.
13. According to foot reflexology and body massage specially designed ball set with 64 magnets, the mechanical rolling 
    Magnetic field generated in the process cycle to stimulate foot acupuncture points to achieve a more comprehensive magnetic effect.
14. 3 kinds of massage modes to choose from, allowing you to choose the best massage effect.
15. Scroll feet in the rolling process can stimulate foot acupuncture points, relax.
Coupling the power cord plug end under the direction of insertion.
Shu-body aircraft will plug into the power, the standby light goes on.
Choose the right height and angle of the chair massage your feet into the tank.
Choose the height of the lower leg massage into the tank.
You can your legs high, open, or put away support.
By massage function selection key, select the appropriate massage effect.
Add hot key by infrared, better physical therapy to aid effectiveness.
Stop the use, first press the stop switch, then unplug the power cord.

Use the massage feature

1. Put your legs into the comfortable body massage machine slot.
2. Press the button to start the massage mode Ⅰ.
3. Press the button 2 times to switch to massage mode Ⅱ.
4. Press the button 3 times to switch to massage mode Ⅲ.
5. Press the key to start the infrared heating function, feelings of hyperthermia effect.
6. Press, massage function will stop.


Do not stand or exert excessive pressure in the Shu body machine, this would slow down or even stop the motor, resulting in comfortable body aircraft damage.
Recommended time of 15 minutes each time.
If you feel pain during use, press the stop button, but Shu-body aircraft will not immediately stop, it will be moved to the open position and stop.
Some users during use or after use are extremely itchy feet, which is caused by normal blood circulation.
Use Safety Precautions
Use of the environment
Please do not use in wet environments the product, such as bathrooms.
Do not wet the case of the body using this product, or it may cause a short circuit or electric shock.
Appropriate person
The following people must refer to a doctor before use views:
Osteoporosis in patients with cancer
Pregnant women, cancer patients were high fever
Use of safety
Do not massage the product for purposes other than, or may lead to accidents and injuries.
Please do not break the shell or parts defect situations.
Against children or no self-care ability of people to operate the product.
Please do not stand or sit on the instrument.
Do not put metal or flammable substances inside the body, or may cause electric shock, short circuit, fire and other serious consequences.
Please do not use more than one hour continuously.
Please do not use the process of using sheets, instrument, or because of temperature caused by fire.
Do not use the process of direct pull the plug, or may cause some damage.
Do not sleep when using this product.
Stop the proposed
The following cases, please close the switch and cut off the power immediately.
When the water or liquid overflow into the instruments.
When the process was unusual pain.
When using the process of abnormal equipment performance.
When the switch failure.
When the lightning.
Care products
Cleaning equipment before you disconnect the power.
Do not use benzene, thinner, cleaning compounds, and other.
Do not use wet cleaning equipment, you must use dry cotton cloth.
If necessary, remove the foot cover cleaning.
If you use the machine for long periods of time, it can be stored in dry, ventilated place.
Do not store in high temperature apparatus, flame and direct sunlight.
Product Maintenance
The instrument can only be a professional customer service center for maintenance repairs, the user is not unauthorized handling.

Warranty Terms
The company's products are sold enjoy one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services, specific contract terms detailed in the following:
     1 year warranty, the proper use of any parts damage occur, the Company will repair free of charge.
     2, one of the following circumstances, not in the scope of free maintenance:
        A, failure to specification requirements as the proper use of, or damage caused by improper placement;
        B, due to accidents caused by falling, collision (including transportation and other) caused by the failure
        C, as a result of dismantling their own fault;
        D, access failure caused by improper power supply;
        E, can not produce the purchase bills and warranty card.
     3, maintenance, warranty card when you hold or sell the certificate to apply for the local maintenance of the designated service point.
     4 Please keep the warranty card, not make up lost.
     5, such as abnormal product in use, immediately switch off the power to send the designated repair point of repair by hand, do not own  Demolition.

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