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Numbers: BE-V2023
name: BOVOEE BE-V2023
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press, kneading, pinching, squeezing, a variety of heart felt comfortable body experience (massage neck, gently massage the back, kneading arm, touch pinch the waist, abdomen, kneading the buttocks, thighs, squeezing the calf, foot massage )

China Terminal Guidance Price: RMB (yuan) 436
Terminal guidance of the German District Price: EUR(欧元)101

First, the structural characteristics

√ Select Advanced lychee velvet finishes, easy washable, soft and comfortable, beautiful and wear and performance excellence.
√ Anrou six-bit precision, the scientific determination of size ratio, expressed feelings of professional Anrou wonderful ideas.
√ positive and negative two-way switch, sensitive control of the machine operating mode, the pro-care experience with Extreme.
√ dual movement transmission system, has gone through thousand tests, to ensure low noise and stable performance.
√ outstanding quality matching motors, are subject to rigorous testing, to easily enjoy high-intensity cycle work to ensure the use of mind.

Second, the use

1, open box, the product removed. Check whether the external damage or dirt leather, power cord is damaged, if found, please contact with sale.
2, the power plug on the product and the AC220V power connector, turn on the power, up to promote the key to the "one" position, start the back forward kneading massage function; down push buttons to the "II" position, start the back massage anti- the kneading function; push button to "OFF" the middle stall, then stop the current campaign.

3, program: neck massage to relax the neck can be effective, and often drive to the office people sitting a significant effect.
4, Option Two: waist massage can be effective to relax the waist, the crowd of regular contact with manual labor had a significant effect.
5, the program three: leg massage, relaxation can be effectively carried out on the leg, foot movement of people who frequently have significant effects.

6, the program four: back massage, relaxation can be effectively carried out on the back of the arm movement of people often have significant effects.
7, the program five: buttocks massage, relaxation can be effectively carried out on the buttocks, lower limb movement of regular people have a significant effect.
8, Shu-body aircraft built-in two-way rotary movement can be inward, outward-way rotary kneading massage, more humane.

Special Note:

Thank you for choosing BOVOEE Shu body machine products, in use, you need our advice and recommendations to you.

√ This is an adult-specific, non-contact and use of children
√ massage, do not wear long sleeves or cumbersome accessories, clothes, so as not to affect the normal use and accidents
√ Auto poor or heavy disease, your doctor before using and follow the instructions shown in the proper use, including the following groups (heart disease, cancer patients, pregnant women, spine deformities, or abnormal person)

√ rubbing against the head in patients with cerebrovascular disease
√ cumulative new machine running 10 hours later, the noise will automatically reduce the
√ Do not high humidity in the bathroom and other places to use, do not immerse in water or damp the machine, otherwise, it will cause a short circuit or electric shock.
√ If the machine does not work, immediately turn off the power on switch, unplug the power supply, plug in the power interval of 5 seconds after the restart. If it is not working properly, sent to the designated repair center for repairs, is prohibited to repair.
√ If you boot the machine after a long time, turn off the power switch, wait 10 minutes after shutdown before re-start the machine. Prevent excessive and prolonged use of the machine motor overheating caused by shortened life.
Health Tip: Massage after a drink of warm water, in order to promote metabolism, to ensure health.

 Technical parameters:
1, Rated voltage: AC 220V
2, Rated frequency: 50Hz
3, Rated power: 20W

4, Rated time: 15min
5, packing size: 375 * 145 * 380mm
6, the implementation of standards: GB4706.1-2005

7, Safety Design:

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