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Numbers: BE-V2025
name: BOVOEE BE-V2025
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 kneading foot and leg, arm massage, relaxation of local muscle tension, stimulate the acupuncture points, fast relief of fatigue.
First, the structural characteristics

√ ad hoc infrared assisted physical therapy to promote blood circulation.
√ kneading pattern and infrared capabilities to operate independently, the use of blood circulation.
√ kneading pattern and infrared capabilities to operate independently, using the more convenient.
√ 15-minute cycle control, in line with human biological habits.
√ wireless remote control design, more humane.

Second, the use

1, the output of the power adapter in the correct direction of access to foot the power jack Shu-body aircraft.
2, the input power adapter plug into a power outlet, the standby light is on.
3, sitting in place at the right angle and height to massage your feet into the tank.
4, according to leisure massage button to start the massage leisure mode.
5, by relaxing massage button to start a relaxing massage.
6, according to infrared therapy key to start the infrared thermal features, feel hyperthermia effect.
7, stop use, press the stop button to turn off all functions.
8, when not in use, Shu-body aircraft at the foot reset to standby mode, unplug the power adapter plug and remove the adapter.

Special Note

√ Do not stand or put undue pressure on the Shu-body aircraft, so that the motor will slow down or even stop, resulting in damage to the body comfortable.
√ recommended usage time of 15 minutes each time.
√ If you feel pain during use, press the stop button, but Shu-body aircraft will not immediately stop, it moves to open position and stop.
√ Some users in the course of or after use are extremely itchy feet, which is caused by the normal blood circulation.

Technical parameters: Rated voltage: DC 24V Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated Power: 45w
          Rated Time: 15min implementation of the standards: GB4706.10.-2003
Security design: Security design

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