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Numbers: BE-V280
name: BOVOEE BE-V280
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Functions: temperature regulation (heating, reduce temperature), air bubbles occur, Oxygen occurs, red hot, medicated bath, foot massage, etc.

China, the terminal guide price: RMB (RMB) 355
German area terminal guide price: EUR (Euro) 82

Structural features
1, single-knob operation, fourth gear function optional.
2, handle-type insulation cover splash, pour cleaner and more convenient.
3, the bottom of the basin-like imitation of full multi-point to stimulate acupuncture points.
4, red incandescent light, warm, filter.
5, personalized kit design, to fully enjoy the fun of dipping.

1, open box, remove the product, check the external casing for damage or dirt, the power cord is damaged, such as problem, please contact sales service.
2, the amount of product into the basin of cold water or warm water to maintain the highest water level and the lowest water level the middle right position.
3, plug in the AC220V power] [Do not wet hands, power. Knob on the control panel for the function selection, divided into fourth gear, each file corresponding to different functions: 0 files, turn off all functions; a file, start the "heating" function; 2 files, start the "bubble / Oxygen" function; 3 files, start the "bubble / Oxygen / heating" function.
4, rotation knob to a file "heating", the machine starts to heat up. Heating process, when the water temperature is too high, rotate the knob to 2 files, start the "bubble / Oxygen" function, you can feel your feet when the water temperature is suitable for invasive foot, this time the machine is in almost constant state. When the water temperature is too low, the knob to the 3 files, start the "bubble / Oxygen / heating" function.
5, in the foot bath at the same time, the kit can be placed within the special dipping package, so foot massage can also enjoy dipping and fragrant bath.
6, after use, unplug the power plug, the water discharged through the drain and pour dry, clean and dry the pot body, placed in well-ventilated place.

Special Note
Thank you for using BOVOEE Foot Wash Shu-body aircraft, in use, you need to know my company to your advice and suggestions.
1, no water inside the tub, do not use electricity.
2, not to 60 ° above the hot water directly into, in order to avoid distortion caused by high temperatures. Into the water, note to adjust the water temperature to avoid scalding.
3, do not force the product within the stampede, standing, jumping or other heavy objects placed on them.
4, if the product does not function properly, you should immediately stop using and contact the service center.
5, do not disassemble this product, to avoid accidents.

Technical parameters
1, Rated voltage: AC220V
2, Rated frequency: 50Hz
3, rated power: 500W
4, waterproof grade: IPX 4
5, the implementation of standards: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008
6, security design:

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