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Numbers: BE-V2035
name: BOVOEE BE-V2035
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Function: press, kneading, pinching, squeezing, whole-hearted experience a variety of feelings (cervical massage, soft back, kneading arm, touch pinched waist, abdomen, kneading the buttocks, thighs, squeezing the calf, foot massage)

China, the terminal guide price: RMB (RMB) 636
German area terminal guide price: EUR (Euro) 147

Structural features
1, butterfly appearance, fashion, full of beauty; fit the neck curve, comfortable to use.
2, multi-point precision rubbing the scientific determination of size ratio, a wonderful feeling to express professional rubbing thinking.
3, one-button switches, positive and negative bi-directional kneading, sensitive control of the machine operating mode, the pro-care experience with the statue.
3, high-frequency transmission system, has been re-tested after 10 000, to ensure low noise and stable performance.
4, matching high-quality good motor, are subjected to rigorous testing, high-intensity cycle work easier to bear, to ensure use of worry.
5, ad hoc features red auxiliary heat, fatigue feel forced to release easily.

1, open the box, the product out, and check the exterior of the product is damaged or cracked, the power cord is intact, and found the problem please contact our sales service.
2, the power plug into the 220V outlet; when used car, it will be the product of the power adapter and car power adapter DC12V phase, and then into the car cigarette lighter. At this point the machine is powered on in standby mode.
3, to promote the controller switches to the I position, the head forward kneading massage [out] rotation, and start the red auxiliary heat function. Ⅱ gear drive controller switches to when the first kneading massage reverse rotation [inward]. Promote the controller switch to "0" intermediate gear, then stop the massage function.

Function and role
1, massage the neck, head or shoulder and neck: cervical spine rubbing efforts to effectively release the pressure, and feelings through their normal conditioned reflex, driven to sit, stand, upright posture, muscle stiffness and fatigue perception of comfort, pain relief and prevention of cervical .
2, back massage: can partially relax the muscles and promote blood circulation back, burn fat, active skin.
3, arm or buttocks massage: When the arm is in a high degree of fatigue, Shu-body aircraft rubbing the adjustable equalizer efforts to achieve medicinal properties, mental and physical conditioning to help quickly relieve fatigue.
4, massage the waist: the waist area there are many internal organs of reflection, critical parts of the body, rubbing the waist with a benefit Wei Qi, regulate qi and blood, strong and weak, relieve back pain, kidney, bone Block neuralgia, lumbar muscle strain of the effect.
5, abdominal massage: an effective release of rubbing strength, reduce fat and promote gastrointestinal digestion.
6, massage the buttocks and thighs: to promote the hip muscles, Lee waist and legs, the flow of qi. Rubbing the thigh can promote blood circulation, eliminating numbness and pain, relieve fatigue, and consumption of localized fat through exercise, to junk, the purpose of thin legs.
7, massage the leg: when the intensity of a balanced spread, and accelerate blood circulation, relieve acid up feeling, and through muscle movement, consumption of excess fat little legs, legs to achieve the purpose.
8, foot massage: Foot reflex in human organs, foot massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism, is conducive to every organ in the body, enhance body immunity and resistance to accelerate tissue regeneration and relieve physical and mental fatigue, to ensure that health .

Special Note
Thank you for choosing BOVOEE Shu body machine series, in use, you need my company to your advice and suggestions.
√ Native dedicated for adults, children's exposure and use is strictly prohibited
√ massage, do not wear long sleeves or cumbersome accessories clothes, so as not to affect the normal use and accidents
√ Auto poor or heavy disease, the doctor's advice before use and follow the instructions shown in the proper use, including the following groups (heart disease, cancer patients, pregnant women, back deformity or anomaly)
√ rubbing the head against cerebrovascular disease
√ cumulative new machine running 10 hours after the noise will automatically reduce the
√ Do not in the bathroom and other places with high humidity use, do not immerse in water or damp the machine, otherwise, result in fire or electric shock.
√ If you can not work the machine, immediately turn off the power on switch, unplug the power, plug in the power interval of 5 seconds after the restart. If it is not working properly, sent to the designated service center for repairs, is prohibited to repair.
√ If you boot the machine after a long time, turn off the power switch, wait 10 minutes after shutdown before re-start the machine. Prevent excessive and prolonged use of the machine caused the motor overheating and shorten life.

Health Tip: Massage after a drink of warm water, in order to promote metabolism, to ensure health.

Technical parameters
Rated voltage: AC220V/DC12V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 20W
Rated Time: 15min
Packing size: 325x120x190mm
Executive Standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008
Safety design:

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