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Numbers: FT68A
name: BOVOEE FT68A
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China, the terminal guide price: RMB (RMB) 6990
German area terminal guide price: EUR (Euro) 1621

Technical parameters:
Power: 2.0 continued / 2.5HP peak horsepower
Speed :0.8-14km / h
Runway area: 440x1300mm
Slope adjustment: adjust the electric gradient (12%)
Storage: manual folding (with slow down function), with moving wheels
NW / GW: 80kg/89kg
Area: 160x84x137cm
Packing size: 177x83x36cm
User load: 120kg

1. Features: running functions, supine exercise, waist and neck massage function, folding retractable wheel sliding, slope adjustment and so on.
2. Easy to install. Unique and easy installation, easy to get a few screws. With the installation tool to facilitate consumer assembly.
3 whole structure: high-strength steel structure design, high-quality special steel. The use of imported equipment welding, weld formation fastening. Electrostatic powder coating surface treatment, surface smooth, evenly colored, durable, never fade.
4 motor: Taiwan imported high-efficiency DC motor, high insulation factor, noise, enough power, safe and durable.
5. Dial: dial a matrix model, with ergonomically designed, comfortable and elegant so you can use to watch and dial.
6. Spreadsheet functions: Blue backlit LCD window displays speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate. 6 simple and easy to operate sports programs, 9 user memory mode, you better plan for the running time and distance.
7 Safety switch: When the safety switch from the original position, running the opportunity to stop working, reduce the use of consumer injury caused by, fully guaranteed sports safety.
8. Handrail: the use of simulation skin plastic wrap, more comfortable, more equipped with heart rate tester, at any time during the campaign to control their own movement rhythm, so that movement is more healthy and harmonious, with armrest button, used to adjust the speed and convenience at any time
9 Running belt: the import of advanced materials, professional treadmill at the gym to run with standard manufacturing, professional standards through certification testing, running with a tensile strength, anti-static, wear, performance, security and stability. Using the latest roller technology, with a running adjustable position, to prevent run off with, run with adjustable tightness.
10 running board: The international standard materials manufacturing, high-intensity, high-density, high elastic green running board.
11 suspension system: super cushion air suspension, flexible, comfortable running, and to avoid damage to the human body, and to minimize vibration noise.
12. Slope adjustment: power-adjustable treadmill inclination, increase or decrease exercise intensity, reasonable running fitness.
13 sit-ups feature: Science supine fitness, abdominal exercise leg muscles, get rid of the worry of fat, stay healthy, slim body.
14 massage functions: ergonomically developed with essence of traditional Chinese medicine massage waist and neck massage before and after exercise, relax muscles, waist and neck massage usually physical and mental health, create the perfect body, everyday life can also enjoy massage care.
15. Hydraulic assist folding. Folding technique using air pressure rod, spring tension and self-supporting retractable pin, effective effort.
16 folding display features: simple and safe, and acting freely, place the fold to save space.
Easy push-pull, easy handling effort.

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