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  Germany Bsii Company is the worlds most professional kitchen with appliances production enterprises. Products include: kitchen with appliances, Shu of health, Three major category of stainless steel kitchen utensils, Bsii each section machinery manufacturing development engineer million have been fine Zhuoto give every Enjoy Bsii products to provide the perfect service, and quality assurance function of the quality of the food produced abundant, machines once Selling highend markets in Europe and the United States, loved by all users. Bsii companies signed in functional machine outstanding performance, the result of responsibilities, 2006 All products into the Asian market, and determined to guide the eating habits of rich people in Asia, and in October owned founded Beijing Shi Yi 100 Electrical manufacturing center, Chinas commitment to the heavy responsibility of regional marketing, art and design, the People First retail prices showed to the public, primarily for products The high-end retail businesses, hotels and major shopping malls West restaurant



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