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     Introduced BOVOEE 100 Yi [Shu physical health category] Gorgeous series, Veronika, trends, fashion.
     BOVOEE based on the different individual physical and mental habits. According to the ad hoc strong, Qingrou, touch pinch, squeeze, infrared, multi-adjustable Anrou method of physical therapy, and can arbitrarily adjust settings based on their own needs. Meet a variety of application needs. Vitality lies in sports, science and health, massage methods that can help your health.
     When your body is in a high state of fatigue, reasonable massage can play Shujinhuoxue, relieve fatigue, the role of physical and mental conditioning, and can adjust itself to the best state of bodily functions. Science and Health is a regular massage, stress rationality, they should develop a tired, massage, rest and massage, and readily massage habit. Each time you use BOVOEE Shu-body aircraft time should be in the (10-20) minutes is appropriate, time of accumulation is the accumulation of health, BOVOEE Shu-body aircraft to facilitate science has been more and more people's affection.

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