In 1704, great German scientific great master Newton "Optics" a book publication, in which talked about was not merely the light refraction and the reflection, simultaneously involved to the light and the vacuum, the light undulation, the light and the material mutual function. In under this theory inspiration, to 1891, Deken·phimier doctor is entrusted German Military headquarters, to have been through repeatedly the innumerable experiments.
     One time accidentally, Deken·phimier's wife is sick is hospitalized, after looks up, the cause of disease and the long-term kitchen practical training, the absorption lampblack quantity oversized concerns. After treatment although the wife is restored to health, but this matter gives Deken to be willing firmly doctor by greatly to touch, looks the oneself beloved wife industrious practical training the form, Deken is willing doctor to move the great amount every day, and decides darkly, certainly must make a set of ideal kitchen machine for the family member, causes the wife no longer to be tired, causes the tedious kitchen business to turn one kind to enjoy. Harbors deep love Italy, and to the family lofty responsibility, Deken is willing doctor the pains study, to overcome the setback, a finally hand-planted light wave machine, presented in the family,this is the world first home use light wave machine.
     Light plane excellence, abundant light on the performance, Dr. duty of Deken, let machines play a greater rolecatering services to the public.And in 1926 founded the BSii its own factories at full capacity heat wave.However, manufacturing complex and the shortage of raw materials, coupled with the stringent requirements of quality Dr. Decken, yields are low.machines used for the high places.BSii late scale factories, with full production of high-end quality family kitchen appliances, with more gradually increased,Office machines are to be able to display the form.BSii community surrounded by high-end customers purchase familiar.

     BSii was born in Germany, she inherited a thousand years of civilization in Germany. Set stringent quality, the arts, even though significant grade do Veronika Masterpiece.
    BSii kitchen appliances category with almost cruel to blame the quality of each machine to ensure practical results intact, Dr. uphold Decken thinking all machines have been manufactured for the health and safety criteria, BSii machines all use machines to create customized feel the joy.
    We use the world's best equipment, the procurement of raw materials to manufacture the best. Did not seek a large-scale, low-cost, and Veronika only respected luxury quality. And consistently. Meaning each machine is extraordinary.

    BSii initially only to supply the army and the Royal High star hotels, clubs and restaurants.But BSii engineers wisdom shows, new product development have been commissioned, each unique products involved are expected.Connotation, Veronika distribution peak, luxury and all withstood million temper.To ensure the use of high-end markets in Europe and North America and were out of stock.
    BSii to enter the Chinese market, will Veronika quality, artistic design,stability of the world's leading equipment manufacturers produce the best and most applicable machinery.PFP retail prices showing to the public.BSii main supply products, and large shopping malls and high-end retail, restaurants, hotels and other senior club.
    BSii products, fashionable crowd in pursuit of freedom, individuality and youth groups; Love extravagant love peakVeronika love success; promoting quality of life, quality of life advocating the gourmet; respected arts, culture, technical engineer: Veronika from BSii for more details condensate beauty center.Only pro inconsistent BSii machines before touching them, Tanshang when.
    Feeling rigorous artistic beauty, imagination and create music, aware BSii Veronika luxury quality.






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